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This tree is about 'pigeoncms_website+core' solution.
'pigeoncms_website' solution only contains website files.

Solution 'pigeoncms'

Folder Pigeoncms

contains the website files and bins

Folder 'Projects'

contains visual studio solution file pigeoncms.sln
  • 'PigeonCms.Core' folder: the core of pigeoncms. It contains source of BLL (Business Logic Layer), DAL (Data Access Layer), core Modules and Helpers classes.
  • 'PigeonCms.Core.OfflineProvider' folder: Source code of offline management

Folder Pigeoncms

App_Themes folder

Available themes for the website. You can add themes and use them dynamically inside the website.
Themes in pigeoncms follow this hierarchy:
  1. website theme: site > settings > CurrentTheme
  2. route theme: site > settings > routing > route theme
  3. page theme: menu > menu entries > menu theme

Bin folder

Website binaries. It contains pigeoncms core and other useful dlls.
If you add custom projects and components to your solutions then add compiled dlls inside this folder to make them available to website modules and controls. Use the following name conventions when naming your components: fullNamespace.dll - Example: Custome.Project.Data.dll

Controls folder

This folder contains useful user controls frequently used inside core modules. It is allowed to use these controls inside your custom modules. For exampe you can use FileUpload.ascx to add upload functionality to your module.

Installation folder

Contains the wizard of installation procedure. Sql folder contains the scripts used to create and populate the database during installation.

Items folder

Contains xml config files of special Items.

Js folder

Contains scripts and Javascript plugins used by the cms. If your modules use customs scripts this the folder to place them.

Logs folder

Contains errors.txt file. This file catch all not catched exceptions. It is useful to inquire not logged exceptions or warnings. For security reasons it is recommended to rename the file in errors-disabled.txt to disable this log.

Masterpages folder

This folder contains the masterpages available for the website. Very similar to App_Themes folder in its managment.
Masterpages follow this hierarchy:
  1. website masterpage: site > settings > CurrentMasterpage
  2. route masterpage: site > settings > routing > route Masterpage
  3. page masterpage: menu > menu entries > menu Masterpage

Modules folder

This is the core of cms customization feature. The folder contains all the cms core modules to manage the main parts of the website (users, modules, menu, etc..). Each subfolder is the container for a single module. Each module can be instantiated multiple times in the website from menu o modules admin area.

Default.aspx file

This is the entry point of each http request.

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